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Our mission is to bridge the gaps in the supply chain, making it more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.
We're doing that by building a new operating system for raw materials transactions — the first of its kind built for end-to-end impact and interconnectivity.
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Port of Panama City Expansion
Waybridge and the Port of Panama City Team Up to Automate and Digitize Bills of Lading for High Value Break Bulk Cargoes
In order to dramatically improve the resiliency and efficiency of the raw materials supply chain, digitizing it as much as possible is a must. To help push this forward, Waybridge has taken a big step towards that by partnering with the Port of Panama City, one of North America's most critical gateways for the importation of metals.

Working together we will bring an Amazon-like tracking experience to the North American metals market by automating the digital creation of electronic bills of lading benefitting international suppliers and domestic consumers.

Learn more in the full press release.
Andrea Aranguren named a 2022 “Pro to Know” by Supply and Demand Chain
Andrea Aranguren, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Waybridge has been recognized as a winner of Supply and Demand Chain Executive's 2022 Pros to Know Award.

The award highlights outstanding, innovative executives in the supply chain space.

Needless to say, we think Andrea fits the bill, and we are honored to know that our peers think so, too. She is an incredible leader of our team, a force of innovation, and we're extremely proud to see her recognized in this way.

Bravo, Andrea.

And a huge applause for all of the other incredible people named alongside her.
Thank you for joining us.
We extend a special thank you to everyone who joined our very first webinar just a few days ago. The conversations were fruitful and enjoyable.

We are extremely thankful to Misha Patel and John Gillespie who both joined us in our New York office for the event. It was an absolute joy, and we are so grateful for the event.
Rusal America to transform their supply chain visibility via Waybridge
With great partners comes great impact.

Rusal America CEO Brian Hesse, and the entire team at Rusal America, have been incredible to work with in developing a partnership to transform the aluminum industry. We’re working with Rusal to track vessel, barge, rail, and truck shipments in real-time, provide an unparalleled data ecosystem, and make major innovations on supply chain processes.

It’s a massive step forward in supply chain efficiency.

An incredible opportunity to make an impact on the aluminum industry.

Rusal, like every one of our clients, is future-facing, innovative, and an incredibly bright team. We’re honored to work alongside them in constructing a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable supply chain.
Waybridge Week
We bridged the gap between our remote team to spend time together in our New York office. We are thankful to work with each other and be one team from across the globe.

We played games, broke bread, planned for the upcoming year, and listened to talks from Dax Devlon-Ross and Donna Costa, driving conversations around DEI, and Waybridge's place in the global community.

The joy of being together can' t be measured in any amount of pounds or metric tons.
Waybridge featured on TechBlitz
We are thankful to TechBlitz in Japan for the feature on Waybridge. Co-founder Scott Evans shared with the publication our vision and challenge in aiming to transform raw material supply chains.

Click above to read the article in Japanese.
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