There are too many gaps in the modern supply chain.
We aim to bridge them — to make the world more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.
To do so, we've assembled a team of experts in commodities, logistics, and technology.
To meld knowledge.
To lead with context.
To drive positive transformation, together.
We're a combination of expertise in commodities, technology, and innovation.
Scott Evans
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Andrea Aranguren
Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder
Patrick McCarthy
Chief Business Officer
Kyle McCarter
Chief Product Officer
Kinney Sheth
VP of Design
Ali Cigari
VP Engineering and Data Science
Erin Masatsugu
Director of Engineering
Matt Duck
Director of Engineering
Ben Macaskill
Head of Business Development
We're advised by foremost experts in technology, with their decades of experience in creating transformative companies.
Marissa Campise
Mike Tyrrell
These concepts echo through our digital hallways. They are the guiding light for what it means to work at Waybridge.
Drive positive transformation.
We drive systemic, positive transformation for our customers, within the Waybridge community and in the ecosystems and communities where we operate.
Lead with context.
We are transparent and inclusive when we make and explain decisions. We are all leaders.
Act with agency and responsibility.
We take pride in our work, and take responsibility for its impact. We are empowered to take action to move forward.
Foster connection.
We learn from and teach each other to build connections and amplify outcomes of our collective efforts. We create partnerships internally and externally.
Build trust.
We listen, speak and give candid feedback. We treat each other with respect. We collaborate — with intention and care.