Waybridge announces new customer, Rusal America, to continue global expansion in aluminum markets
BY Waybridge 2022-03-01

Waybridge, the supply chain platform for raw materials, today announced that Rusal America Corporation, a leading global producer and seller of aluminum products, is adopting its technology platform. As the world's second largest aluminum company, Rusal currently operates in 19 countries on 5 continents.

“As a global seller of aluminum products, supply chain disruptions cost our customers both time and money. The decision to implement Waybridge’s technologies was a strategic decision for us with our customers’ best interests in mind, as we will enable them to mitigate these supply chain disruptions and associated risks to their businesses and bottom lines,” said Brian Hesse, CEO of Rusal America. “We’re excited to bring this level of transparency and visibility to our customers, and to be a part of the interconnected ecosystem that Waybridge is creating in the commodities space.”

Ongoing pandemic-related issues in the supply chain that propelled commodities prices to the highest in more than a decade are spilling into 2022. For those in the raw materials industry like Rusal America, having access to real-time data, inventory and shipping status, and communication from production lines in one central platform is critical to the way it is able to conduct its business.

Waybridge connects shipping schedules, status updates, and real-time ETAs in one cloud-based technology platform which integrates with existing systems and workflows, allowing companies to track shipments in real-time, automate proof of delivery and certificate of analysis documents, and significantly reduce human error.

Waybridge is bridging the gaps in the global supply chain — from manufacturers and producers to traders and banks — to make it more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

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